Mawson Lake

The Creston Valley Rod & Gun Club owns the 37.8 Acres which hold Mawson Lake at the U.S. Border south of Creston.  Also known as Rykerts Lake, this is an  important wetland area developed by the Club in cooperation with Ducks Unlimited.  There are bass and the occasional rainbow trout in the lake.  Catch and release fishing is encouraged.  There are fishing docks located around the lake, use of gas motor boats is prohibited.

Mawson  Lake is private property for the DAY USE ONLY of our members.  Youth and community groups are welcome to use the site if they reserve it in advance.  The campsite has been used by Army Cadets, Air Cadets and Scouts.  However, this site does not have the facilities to permit regular camping by individuals.  Please enjoy picnics, archery and fishing at the Lake while helping in its maintenance and packing out your garbage.
Search and Rescue has also used the area for training.

Mawson Lake has an active archery range to sight in your bows and practice your 3D shots too.

FAMILY FISHING DAY-Sat June 17 10am - 3pm

Free barbeque and kids' fishing derby for members and their families.  

-burgers & hotdogs at noon.

-fishing and other informative demonstrations

-some boats will be available, but bring your own small craft and lifejackets if you have them.  Mawson Lake is non-motorized.

FAMILY FISHING DAY:  in 2011 the Club started what has become an annual event:  a barbecue and informal youth fishing derby for members on the Free Fishing Weekend in June.  

                            MEMBER BENEFITS:

  • Use your range combo to open the gate.
  • Enjoy the new picnic area and dock built in 2011 by the Club’s Mawson Lake Committee
  • The use of this area is dedicated for the use of families and youth.  Despite what appears in the Fishing Regulations, the Club hopes that adult members will practice catch & release, and that youth will retain only one or two fish per outting.
  • DAY USE ONLY:  Over night camping by individuals is not permitted.  Camping is only permitted for organized community groups (e.g. Cadets, Scouts, etc.) by reservation.  The Mawson Lake property does not have the facilities to accommodate lots of camping.

USER MAINTAINED SITE.  Please pack out your garbage and leave the site better than you found it.

Please report any problems to Annette or Walter at 428-4355 or 250-402-9154.

Join the Rod & Gun Club and support all our rights to enjoy outdoor sports.  You can then enjoy the use of Kidd Creek Rifle Range and Mawson Lake.