Chronicling  the long history  of the Creston Valley Rod & Gun Club will be continue to be a work in progress for members.  For now, it must suffice to quote from a newspaper article by a distinguished member, Vic Mawson.

“One of Creston’s oldest and most unpublicized organizations is the Creston Rod and Gun Club which was formed in 1916 under the name of the Creston Fish and Game Protective Association."

 For several years with a small membership, the club was inactive, but in 1919, under the name of the Creston Valley Rod and Gun Club with 
 Col. E. Mallandaine as its first president, the organization functioned smoothly and has been a boon to both wildlife and sportsmen. 

Highlights of the organization’s activities was the first pheasants brought into the district by Dr. G. B. Henderson in 1913 and R.S. Bevan in 1916.  To date some pheasants have been liberated every year, the largest on record being 250 birds.  Trap shooting was carried on from 1921 to 1935.

One of the social events of the years was the annual Rod and Gun Club banquet with the main dishes being wildlife.  Interesting anecdotes of hunters and fishermen made the main topic of conservation with the banquets terminating with the election of officers.”