Range Schedule

Special Notice:
The inspector would not certify the Silouette Range until improvements are made to the berm.  Therefore, this range is closed to the use of firearms.  It may be used for archery.  Plans are underway to work towards certification in 2018.

To reach the rifle range, travel east on Hwy 3 for approx. 21km.  A few km past Kitchener, turn left onto Kidd Creek Forest Road (at the gas plant), and you will come to the driveway in 1km.  Remember to carry your club membership card and be prepared to show it.  The combo for the gate is on the back.

(Note: on 3-D Archery shoots, the Range is closed the day before for set-up)

2019 Schedule - (See below for special closures.)


April 6              set up for archery shoot
April 7             1-Day, 3-D, Archery Shoot                                                        
April                    Range Clean-Up at 10:00 AM                 
April  25              Trap at 6:00PM
May 10                set up for archery shoot
May  11-12          2-Day 3-D Archery shoot
May   9               Trap at 6:00pm 
May   23              Trap at  6:00pm

MAY 25               CENTENNIAL OPEN HOUSE FOR THE PUBLIC                                                                             
June  06              Trap     6:00 PM
June 15                Family Fishing Day  Mawson Lake
June  20               Trap   6:00PM
June                    Handgun Shoot at 10:00am
July 04                Trap    6:00 PM
July                      Handgun Shoot at 10:00am
July  18                Trap     6:00 AM
Aug  01                Trap    6:00 PM
August 15            Trap   6:00 
August  29           Trap   6:00
Sept.                     Handgun Shoot   10:00AM
Oct.                       Handgun Shoot at 10:00am
TBA                          Fall Range Clean-up

*To complete required upgrades, the range will be closed on Sept. 24, 25, 26, 27 from daylight until 4:00 or 5:00.

For information contact:
Range Chair:  Gerry Bond       250-428-6033
Archery             Dustin Oakley         250-402-8132
                            Brian Lansing         250.428.5764
Handgun            Shawn Carson         250.428.2035
Heritage Days    Mike Keeling          250.428.7329
Trap                   Todd Riegling          250.402.6530