Blue Mtn./Selkirk Mtn. Forest Lands Access


1.  Many local forest properties have recently been sold to Blue Mtn./Selkirk Mtn. Forest Land Ltd.  These are PRIVATE PROPERTY.  People may have assumed that some were Crown Land because they have been used by local outdoorsman for years.
2.  The new owner is willing to permit continued access to hunting, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, etc. under strict conditions.  They approached the Creston Valley Rod & Gun Club (CVRG) to assist in providing controlled access.  The CVRG has agreed to partner with them to maintain access for these activities.  We were assisted in establishing a legal process by Rockies Law.
3.  Many of these properties are for non-motorized access only.  Signage will be provided to indicate which areas are open for motorized or non-motorized access.
4.  The owner insists that all visitors be members of the Creston Valley Rod & Gun Club to ensure that all visitors have liability insurance and have signed a waiver.
5.  To enter these properties which include the Crackerjack area and certain near or adjacent to the Kidd Creek Rifle Range (some maps provided below), you must do the following:
  -enroll as a member of the CVRG.
  -read all of the "License of Occupation" document posted below with a designated member.
  -voluntarily sign a "Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity"  agreement witnessed by a designated member of the CVRG.  You can review the text of this waiver below.
6.  The CVRG is required to keep the signed waiver on file.  Members will be provided with an Access Card which they must carry when accessing these properties.

For more info, please visit their website:

Access cards will be available at our monthly meetings on the first Monday of the Month

DESIGNATED CVRG MEMBERS whom you can contact to sign the waiver:

Thomas Wayling  250-254-0078

Stephen Bullock  250-866-5471

Jeff Lee -

**To prevent these properties from being placed off-limits, all members must encourage the respectful use of these lands and follow the owners' wishes.