Wildlife Committee

Our very active WILDLIFE COMMITTEE performs functions which are both practical and immediate (placing salt in the winter to help prevent wildlife collisions) and advisory in nature, representing the views of local hunters at the Regional level and through the BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF) to the Provincial government.  This involves many hours of reviewing proposed regulation changes and management plans.  We send members to participate in deliberations of both the East Kootenay Wildlife Association (BCWF Region 4 East) and the West Kootenay Outdoorsman (BCWF Region 4 West) and support both these organizations financially.

These are a few of the many important and current issues of which all members should be aware.  The Province is pursuing policies to increase hunter recruitment and opportunity.  This goal sometimes conflicts with Regional management issues or the desire to maintain a quality hunt.  Some in the B.C. Wildlife Federation would like to virtually eliminate LEH hunting; others support the use of LEH to provide quality experience and/or quality wildlife in some areas.  The lack of a Provincial plan for predator control seems to be negatively impacting many wildlife populations.  The Caribou Recovery Plan may be having a negative impact on habitat enhancement (the lack of controlled burns, e.g.) and the management of other, huntable  species (indirect predator control using alternate prey reduction).

The Committee discusses the issues and brings their concerns and ideas to a general meeting of the Club to get the members direction as to which policies the Club should support at the Regional and Provincial level.  It is a long, sometimes painful and controversial process which sometimes involves difficult compromises, but Club members do have a say concerning the regulations which affect them.  Come out to meetings, learn the issues, have your say, make a difference.

CONTACTS:  Brian Huscroft  250-428-5040      Gerry Bond   250-428-6033

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