1. In these by-laws, unless the context otherwise requires, words importing the singular include the plural, and visa-versa and words importing persons include corporations, "His" means "His/Her" and "Chairman" means "Chairperson", "Club" means the "Creston Valley Rod & Gun Club".


2. Save and except as provided in Clause (9) of this bylaw, any person 18 years or older may be admitted as a member of the Club, and may be appointed to any office therein, and shall be liable for the payment of dues.


3. Every person becoming a member shall be bound by and submit to the Constitution and  By-laws of the Club, and all rules, regulations, ordinances and instructions from time to time made by the Club or Directors.


4. Every member of the Club shall by his acceptance of such membership be and be deemed to be bound to accept any decision of the Club or of its Directors or of any sub-committee thereof in settlement of any dispute which the Club, its Directors or sub-committee may have investigated or adjusted or attempted to adjust.


5. There shall be four (4) classes of members, namely, Single, Senior, family and junior.

a) Single members must be of the age of 18 years or older and shall be entitled to all privileges of membership in the Club.


b) Senior members must be of the age 65 years or older at the time of membership purchase and shall be entitled to all privileges of membership in the club. 


c) Family members must be immediate family. Example, Father, and/or Mother, and/or Children. The children must be under the age of 18.


d) Junior members must be less than 18 years of age in the year which the membership was purchased and must not be 18 years at the time the membership was purchased. Junior members shall not be entitled to hold any office in the Club or vote at any of the meetings of the Club, but shall otherwise enjoy the privileges of membership, SUBJECT HOWEVER to such further or other restrictions as may be designated, from time to time by the Directors.


6. The membership of any member shall lapse in any of the following events:

a) If at any time a member fails or refuses to submit to or be bound by the Declaration and By-laws of the Club and any amendment or amendments thereto, or any new By-law or By-laws which may at any time be passed in the manner provided herein for the passing of By-laws.


b) If a member fails or refuses to comply with the terms and instructions contained in any of

the rules or regulations enacted or passed by the Club or its Directors.


7. A member whose membership has lapsed shall not be entitled to receive notice of or to vote at any meeting of the Club or to act as a Director or on any committee, provided always that if such member shall have made good his default to the entire satisfaction of the Club or of the Directors thereof a member shall thereupon be entitled to all the rights, benefits, privileges and accommodations of a member in good standing.



1. The annual general meeting of the Club shall be held on the first Monday in the month of February in each year hereafter, and such meeting shall be held in Creston, British Columbia, or at such place as the Directors may appoint.

The proceeding of the AGM will be as follows:

a) The meeting will be called to order.

b) Announcement of Annual General Meeting.

c) The secretary will read the minutes of the last meeting.

d) Call for nominations: Announce the names of directors with two years remaining in their term in office. Announce the names of directors with one year remaining in their term in office. Announce the names of directors who have completed their three year term in office; ask each of these members if they will let their name stand for another three year term. Ask for nominations from the nominating committee (if any). Ask for nominations from the floor. Ask each nominee if he accepts the nomination. Once all nominations are in, ask three times if there are any more nominations from the floor. If there are none, proceed. 

e) Ask if any directors wish to step down, they may do so now.

f) If a vote is required, all nominees must leave the room. The membership will be asked if

they approve a vote by show of hands. If they do not, scrutineers will be appointed to

conduct a secret ballot to fill the appropriate number of vacancies.

g) Once all director positions have been established for the next year, the directors will

conduct a private directors’ meeting conducted by the secretary still in office. The positions

of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer will be decided by the directors


h) On return to the AGM, the past President will introduce the new Board of Directors. The

new President will now preside over the AGM.

i) Request a motion from the floor to ratify all decisions made by the Club and Board of

Directors during the previous year.


2.  A general meeting of the Club shall be held on the first Monday in each and every month hereafter, except July, August and September. The Directors may whenever they think fit convene an extraordinary general meeting of the Club.


3.  The Directors shall on the requisition of any six (6) members of the Club in good standing forthwith proceed to duly convene an extraordinary general meeting of the Club. The requisition must state the objects of and reasons for such meeting and must be signed by the requisitionists and files from the date of the deposit of the requisition proceed duly to convene a meeting the requisitionists may themselves convene such a meeting. Any meeting convened under this By-law by the requisitionists shall be convened in the same manner as nearly as possible as that in which meetings are to be convened by the Directors.


4. The Directors may whenever they think fit convene an emergency meeting of the Club and notice of such meeting may be given to any member verbally or by telephone or by mail or fax or email.


5. Not less than seven (7) clear Days notice of any general meeting of the Club (exclusive of the day on which the notice is given) specifying the place, the day and the hour of the meeting, and in case of special business the general nature of the business to be considered and dealt with, shall be given in manner hereinafter mentioned, or in such manner (if any) as may be prescribed by ordinary resolution, whether previous notice has been given or not, to such persons as are under the regulations or By-laws of the Club entitled to receive such Notice from the Club. The non-receipt of the notice by any member shall not invalidate the proceedings or any resolution passed at any general meeting.


6.  A notice may be given by the Club to any members either personal or by sending it by mail to him to his registered address (the address, if any, of the member supplied by him to the Club shall be consider the registered address). Where notice is sent by mail, service of the notice shall be deemed to be affected by properly addressing, prepaying and posting a letter containing the notice, and to have been effected on the day following the date of posting.


7. Monthly or other periodic meetings of the Club shall be held on such date or dates and such hour and at such place in Creston, B.C., as the Club or the Directors may by resolution designate.


8.  No business shall be transacted at any general meeting unless five directors are present in person at the time when the meeting proceeds to business.


9. The president or, failing him, the vice-president shall preside as chairman at every general meeting.


10. If there is no such chairman present within fifteen minutes after the time appointed for holding the meeting, or willing to act, the members present shall choose someone of their number to be chairman.


11. If within one half hour from the time appointed for a general meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting, if convened upon a requisition, shall be dissolved; in any other case it shall stand adjourned to the same day in the next week at the same time and place, and if at the adjourned meeting a quorum is not present within one half hour from the time appointed, the members present shall form quorum.


12. The chairman may, with the consent of any meeting at which a quorum is present (and shall if so directed by the meeting) adjourn the meeting from time to time, but no, business shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other than the business left unfinished at the meeting from which the adjournment took place.


13. The order of business at a general meeting shall, according to circumstances, be as follows:

a) Meeting to be called to order.

b) Notice convening the meeting to be read.

c) Minutes of preceding meeting(s) to be read or distributed/emailed to members and disposed of.

d) Business arising out of the minutes.

e) Reports of standing and special committees.

f) Reports of Directors and Auditors.

g) Special business.

h) Unfinished business,

i) New business.



1.      On a show of hands or on a poll every member present in person shall have one vote.

2. The chairman at any general meeting shall, both on a show of hands and a ballot, have a casting or deciding vote.

3. Only members in good standing shall have a vote.

4. No member shall be entitled to vote by proxy.

5. In the case of a vote by show of hands, the declaration of the Chairman of the meeting shall be conclusive evidence of the result unless a member calls for a division; in which case, a poll must be taken.




1. The annual membership dues may change from year to year and will be recorded in the minutes of the general meeting, when changes are made. The membership dues will remain the same until such time as they are changes by vote at an annual general meeting. The membership year is from January 1 to December 31st of the same year.


2.      Membership fees are not transferable or refundable.



1. There shall be a standing committee consisting of three (3) members who shall be elected at each annual general meeting, whose duties shall be the care and custody of the property of the Club and to formulate the necessary regulations for the guidance of the members in the use of the said property and premises of the Club. In the absence of a standing committee, the directors shall assume this duty.




1. To be a member in good standing all Club members shall comply with the following rules and regulations:

 a) If a person is charged with an offence under the Fisheries Act and Regulations, Wildlife Act and Regulations, Migratory Bird Act and Regulations or the Forest and Range Practices Act which results in a court file, his membership in the Club will be revoked immediately upon conviction in a Court of Law. The person will not be entitled to a membership for a period of five (5) years commencing the date of the conviction, or a period of time equal to any resulting suspension of hunting or fishing privileges, if longer.

 b) All members shall obey the laws of true sportsmanship and discourage so far as possible unsportsmanlike conduct.

 c) Every member shall do his utmost to see that game and fishery laws are obeyed and should inform a Director of the Club of any infraction of these laws which may come to his knowledge.

 d) Any member in good standing shall be eligible to compete in any competition in the Club or receive any benefits or protection of the Club.

 e) Any member contravening any of the objectives of this Club or its obligations may be expelled from the Club upon a majority of vote of either a special or general meeting called for that purpose.



1. The number of Directors shall be nine (9) who shall hold office until the next annual general meeting, except as otherwise herein provided.


a) Three (3) Directors each year shall be nominated at an AGM or by a nominating committee of not less than three (3) members of the Club in good standing and such nominating committee shall be elected by the members present at the general meeting preceding such Annual General Meeting. Three (3) Directors nominated each year will serve a three (3) year term. Three (3) directors each year which have already served one year of their three (3) term will serve their remaining two (2) years. Three directors each year which have already served two years of their three (3) year term will serve their remaining one (1) year. 

b) The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Club shall be elected by the

Board of Directors from their own numbers.


c) The Board of Directors shall meet, at such time and place as the President, or in his absence

the vice-president, shall designate, for the transaction of the regular business of the Club, and

shall report to all general or special meetings of the Club, and when necessary, the President,

or in his absence the Vice-President, may call a special meeting to approve of any urgent or

important business.

d) Five (5) members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum of the Board for

transaction of business.



1. The Secretary shall attend all meetings of the Club and Board of Directors, and make and keep in writing an accurate record of all the proceedings and business transacted at such meetings, attend to all correspondence, make up reports, keep attendance records, and shall have charge of the Corporate Seal of the Club.



1. The Treasurer shall receive all dues, Moneys and subscriptions and keep proper and accurate books and records of such receipts, and all Moneys received shall be deposited to the Credit of the Club in its Bank Account.


2. If at any meeting at which an election of Directors ought to take place the places of the vacating directors are not filled up, the meeting shall stand adjourned tilt the same day in the next week at the same time and place; and if at the adjourned meeting the places of the vacating Directors are not filled up, the vacating Directors shall be deemed to have been re-elected at the adjourned meeting.


3. The Club may, by extraordinary resolution, remove any Director before the expiration of his term of office, and may appoint another member in his stead.


4. Every Director must be a member of the Club in good standing and shall hold office subject to the rules, regulations and by-laws of the Club and is expected to attend all general and Directors meetings of the Club.


5. The office of Director shall be vacated if the Director:

a) Ceases to be a member of the Club in good standing,

b) Is absent from three consecutive regular meetings of the directors without consent of

the Directors first hand and obtained.


6. The business of the Club shall be managed by the Directors, who may pay from its funds the expenses of the Club, and may exercise all its powers, subject to the Societies Act and these by-laws.


7. The Directors may delegate any of their powers to committees consisting of such members of their body as they think fit. Any committee so formed shall, in the exercise of the powers delegated, conform to any regulation that may be imposed on them by the Directors.


8. The Directors shall cause minutes to be made in books provided for the purpose of:

a) all elections and appointments of officers and committees made by them.

b) the names of the directors present at each meeting of directors or committees.

c) all resolutions and proceedings at all meetings of Directors and of the Club, on any committee.

9. The Directors shall cause proper registers of the members and Directors to be kept at the registered office, and shall in all respects duly comply with the Societies Act or any statutory

modification for the time being in force.


10. The Directors may meet together for the dispatch of business, adjourn and otherwise regulate their meetings at they think fit. Questions arising at any meeting shall be decided by a majority vote. In case of an equality of votes the chairman shall have a second or casting vote. A Director may, and the Secretary, on the requisition of a Director, shall, at any time summon a meeting of the Directors.


11. A resolution signed by all Directors shall have the same force and effect as if passed at a duly constituted meeting of the Directors.




1. The Club may raise or borrow for the purposes of the Club, and secure the payment of the same by hypothecating, mortgaging, or pledging all or any of the real or personal property of the Club and shall be empowered to purchase supplies for Kidd Creek Range or Mawson Lake properties and other supplies for the use of its members, and shall be further empowered to acquire, if it should become desirable, by purchase-lease or otherwise, land on which to erect a clubhouse, or land and suitable buildings and also to borrow money for same upon a majority vote of the members present at any general meeting called for that purpose.


2. The Directors shall cause true accounts to be kept:

a) Of all sums of money received and expended and the matter in respect of which such receipts and expenditures takes place; and


b) Of the assets and liabilities of the Club.


3. The books of accounts shall be kept by the Secretary at the registered office of the Club, and may for temporary purposes be kept at such other place or places as the Directors think fit, and shall be at all reasonable times open to the inspection of the Directors and members in good standing.


4. One or more auditors shall be appointed by the Club at every annual general meeting hereafter, but a casual vacancy in the office of auditor may be filled up the Directors. No Director or

officer may be appointed to act as auditor.


5. At every annual general meeting the Directors shall cause to be laid before the Club a financial statement of the affairs of the Club, showing the receipts and expenditures of the Club and a balance sheet audited and signed by the Club's auditor for the period to the 31st day of December last preceding, all of which be open to inspection by any member in good standing at all reasonable times.




1. Special activities and other contests sponsored by the Club shall be under the management of a special committee appointed at a general meeting for such purpose.



1. The Seal of the Club shall not be affixed to any instrument except by the authority of a resolution of the Directors or of the Club, and in the presence of the President, or Vice-President and the Secretary or such persons as the Directors may appoint for that purpose, and such two persons as the Directors may appoint to which the Seal or the Club is so affixed in their presence.



1. The operations of the society are to be chiefly carried out is in all that portion of the Creston Electoral riding lying to the East of the one hundredth and seventeenth meridian and particularly embracing that portion known as the Creston Valley.



1. The by-laws of the Club shall not be altered, repealed, varied or added to except by an

extraordinary resolution of the Club, and then only by a majority of vote of members as are present in person at an AGM of which notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution as an extraordinary resolution has been only given.



The General by-laws of the Creston Valley Rod & Gun Club, read passed and adopted at the general meeting of the Club, held February 6, 2022.