Each year the Creston Valley Rod & Gun Club hosts a trophy competition to recognize the success of hunters and fisherman, both adult and youth.  Trophy hunting is not wasteful as all the meat is utilized.  What it means is that the hunter has been more selective and fortunate enough to harvest a mature specimen, representative of that species.  There are 21 categories in the hunting completion and 6 in the fishing competition.  The Club extends its thanks to the many local businesses which provide the awards.
To enter the competition, individuals must have purchased their membership prior to the relevant season (August 31 in most cases) and submit their entry to the Committee Chair by the posted deadline (usually mid-January).  The awards are presented at our Annual Banquet in February.
First place in the General Open Category will be either a plaque or a buckle.  To qualify for a buckle, the score of the entry must equal or exceed a set minimum score.

Scoring for the 2023 competition TBA
Bring CLEAN skulls only.  Contact:  Richard Benko,  250-254-2177.

Elk                                                   Moose                                          Typical White-tailed Deer
Non-Typical Whitetail Deer        Typical Mule Deer                     Non-Typical Mule Deer
Mountain Goat                              Out of Province                          Caribou               
Black Bear                                      Archery Elk                                Grizzly Bear
Archery Whitetail                         Cougar                                         Archery Mule Deer
Wolf                                                 Sheep                                          Predator Archery
Women’s Aggregate                      Junior Hunter of the Year       Grand Aggregate
Rainbow Trout                              Dolly Varden                                   Bass
Cutthroat Trout                            Junior Fisherman of the Year      Fisherman of the Year


There is a long history of predator hunting in North America.  Predators have been hunted for their fur, to protect livestock and to maintain a balance with other wildlife populations.  Predator hunting continues to be a popular outdoor activity which is closely managed by the Province through strict seasons and bag limits in the Hunting Regulations.


The Club supports all forms of legal and ethical fishing and hunting activities.  There is a recognition that the "natural" predator/prey balance can no longer function because it is too difficult for prey populations to recover.  For example, the large increase in the number of predators has severely hindered the Caribou Recovery Project and impacted other ungulate populations.  To encourage more members to take advantage of a hunting opportunity, the Club has initiated a project to provide recognition and prizes to members who are successful predator hunters.


**DEADLINE:  You must have your points total to Brian Huscroft for verification by the 3rd Sunday in January.

*Project runs January 1 to December 31 annually.
*You need to verify your predator.
*You must have a minimum of 50 points and be a member of the Creston Valley Rod & Gun Club to be eligible for prizes.
*There are cash prizes of $300, $200, & $100.
*Point system:
-wolf/cougar=                   30pts
-Black Bear=                    15
-Coyote, Bobcat, Lynx=     5
-Raccoon=                          3
-Skunks=                            2
-Raven, crow, magpie=      1

YOUTH COMPETITION (for members under 18):
Minimum points are 25; cash prizes are 1/2 of adults prizes.

Contact person:  Brian Huscroft at  250-428-5040