Sportsman of the Year/Life Member

When a member has made an important contribution to a major project or initiative of the Club during a particular year, the Executive of the Club may choose to recognize them at our Annual Banquet by awarding them “Sportsman of the Year”.

2023 - Cathy Fielder
2022-  Michael Skolik
2021-  Gerry Bond
2020-  Les Herle
2019-  Dustin Oakley
2018-  Annette Rocca
2017-  David White
2016-  Don Harper
2015- Tim Wayling
2014- Mark Halonen & Walter Morse
      2013-  Gordon Oglivie
2012-  Bruce Avery
2011-  Keith Mullens                 
2010-  Todd Riegling
2009-  Randy Oakley
2008-  Mike Keeling
2007-  Gerry Bond
2006-  Jason Wall
2005-  Brian Lansing
2004-  Mel Prowse
2003-  Wendy Lansing
2002-  Keith Joy
2001-  Gerry Bond
2000-  Brian Huscroft
1999-  Brian Lansing                    1998-  Dot Millis                       1997-  Bob Millis
1996-  Gwen Wilson                     1995-  Jim Wilson                     1994-  Steve Bullock
1993-  Steve Forrest                    1992-  Debbie Keirns               1991-  Wally Legare
1990-  Albert Brunham               1989-  Bernie Rabbitt              1988-  Gordon Lansing
1987-  Homer Eddy                      1986-  Victor Mawson

Occasionally, long-standing members who have provided outstanding service to the Club are honoured by being named ‘Life Members’.  Life Members should:
*be at least 50 years of age.
*have been a member in good standing for a minimum of 10 consecutive years.
*served as a table officer or chair of a major committee which has made notable accomplishments.
*been in regular attendance at monthly meetings.
*The Directors may in exceptional circumstances amend these criteria to name a deserving member.

Homer Eddy                Albert Brunham          Steve Bullock

Steve Forrest                Cliff Gjerkson                Keith Joy

Gordon Lansing        Martin Clement            John Baranitsky

Bruce Avery                 Mel Prowse                     Brian Lansing

Wendy Lansing         Brian Huscroft              Gerry Bond

Tim Wayling               Mike Keeling